Vibes Keepers

Vibes Keepers are images created by visionnary artist Josee Fontaine through channeling of high frequencies, translated in codes and colors through Sacred Geometries and Light Language.

These images are much more than simple drawings. These artworks are transmitting codes and frequencies that your body can understand and assimilate. Each piece conveys a unique message and assists you in what you need right now. You can choose your images based on how you feel when you look at them or simply because you are attracted by their beauty.

How to use them

 You can meditate with your frequency transmission by staring at the image or you can literally put an "Activated Copy" on your body, on your Chakra or where you feel inspired to. You can use the Vibes Keepers to recharge or activate your crystals or put intentions to it.

To integrate the frequencies you must breathe slowly and deeply... and see how it feels within you... 

We are very grateful to translate those codes and frequencies for you and feel free to share your experience with us and with all your friends and loved ones!!