About us

Josee Fontaine

Vibes Keeper was created by Josee Fontaine, visionary artist, engineer, gemmologist, life coach and gifted channeller.

Josee has been on a spiritual quest since her teenage years. This journey has taken Josee to experiment life on this planet through a variety of passions and interests. From her days as a geological engineer, to the study of gems and crystals to life coaching and channeling, Josee has always strived to use her deep artistic roots to link nature, the earth and our human existence with her higher spiritual guidance.

Josee has travelled the world to gather wisdom and experience from some of the best growth and spiritual masters of our time.

Her passion for mathematics, combined with her ever present artistic nature and profound spiritual guidance has led Josee to develop Vibes Keeper from sacred geometries and codes.


Sending you Love and Light ...