Solstice immersion

Access your Multidimensional Self and Realize your Infinite Possibilities

With Veda and VibesKeeper

​Friday June 21st  6-9pm
Saturday June 22nd  10am-1pm

Encinitas CA 92024

Join us in sacred ceremony for the SUMMER SOLSTICE at the geodesic AUM DOME, a magical portal to infinite possibilities.
Veda and VibesKeeper are hosting a high frequency gathering where together, we will traverse the dimensional aspects of Self, maximizing our potential to receive unique Solstice Codings.
Commune with other lightworkers Friday Evening at our opening Cacao Ceremony where we will call in the energies of the Solstice followed by a social fire gathering to explore further.
We will return to the Dome Saturday morning to further integrate with frequency sound healing, shared streamed perspective through Veda and energetic crystal lightbody recalibrations…all amplified by the sacred geometrics of the Aum Dome. We will commune together in a guided meditation with channeled Light Language. Each person will also be receiving a personalized Sacred Geometric Art Piece (9x11) to take home from Vibes Keeper to embody your unique receivings explored through this experience. ​

What you will receive from this experience...
  • an opportunity for sacred communion with Veda, VibesKeeper and your tribe in a geodesic portal for one of the most energetically charged days of the year, the Summer SOLSTICE
  • personalized energy recalibrations streamed through Veda to harmonize your energetics to receive and download more of your ascension coding (valued at $150)
  • a personalized 9x11 SOULstice Art Piece to take home streamed through VibesKeeper with your unique Soul Frequency decoded (valued at $260)
  • sacred communion with an organic high vibrational 2 hour Cacao Ceremony (valued at $60)
  • brainwave entrainment accessing deeper portals of your infinite mind through sacred sound healing in a dome
  • streamed perspective to assist you in releasing any outdated programming
  • fire ceremony and social gathering with like-minded lightworkers
  • fresh food and alkaline water to further nourish the mind/body connection

Veda is founder of Multidimensional Mastery where she assists others through her 8 week Accelerated Ascension Life Coaching Template. She has been a gifted student of metaphysics for over a decade and has a strong desire to share with others the process of learned frequency integration by accessing multidimensional perspective. She feels her purpose is to assist others in breaking free from the current collective paradigm of restriction so that we can all ascend into the next level of enlightened human perspective, realizing self as the embodied Master Creators that we are. Veda lives in sunny San Diego and loves her non-traditional expression of life!

Vibes Keeper was created by Josee Fontaine, visionary artist, engineer, gemmologist, life coach and gifted channeller. Josee has been on a spiritual quest since her teenage years. This journey has taken Josee to experiment life on this planet through a variety of passions and interests. From her days as a geological engineer, to the study of gems and crystals to life coaching and channeling, Josee has always strived to use her deep artistic roots to link nature, the earth and our human existence with her higher spiritual guidance. Josee has travelled the world to gather wisdom and experience from some of the best growth and spiritual masters of our time. Her passion for mathematics, combined with her ever present artistic nature and profound spiritual guidance has led Josee to develop Vibes Keeper from sacred geometries and codes.