Akashic Records Reading and Frequency transmission

Akashic Records Reading and Frequency transmission

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The Akashic Records are the energetic records of all souls about their past, present and possible future lives on Earth. Each Soul has its Akashic Records as its own personal library.

I am certified to open and read the Akashic Records. I offer a session to open your Akashic Records where you receive downloads and information.

After our 50 minutes session, as I am connected with you, I will create your frequency transmission. The "Frequency Transmission" is your personal drawing made from channeled sacred geometries and codes to assist you in the integration of the frequencies and downloads received during the session. 

When you receive your original copy, it is your commitment to stare at it and meditate with it to infuse yourself with what you need to understand and to open up the teachings you receive from this encoded drawing.